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Fake mails continue

Emails are frequently circulating asking bank customers to update their personal data on a fake site to which it links. This email DOES NOT apply to the BCR; besides, it is the Bank policy to NOT send requests for information or links to sites by email. It is very important to ignore this message to avoid becoming victims of fraud.

This type of fraudulent emails is called ¨Phishing¨ and it consists of the creation of fake sites on the Internet (similar copies of a real site). A mail is sent to the user claiming to be a related company, for example your bank with a message (your account has been deactivated, enter your password). The email includes a link to click. Another way is to create sites with similar addresses, instead of www.bancobcr.com, it would be www.bancbcr.com or www.bancodecostarica.com; it requests your password and captures it.

As a security step, it is important that customers and users never click on links that arrive via email, but to digit the address www.bancobcr.com in the Internet browser instead. It is also recommended to read safety tips posted on this site.


  • The electronic banking site of the BCR is just www.bancobcr.com.
  • When you access the site, type the address in the Internet browser, do not click on an address received by email.
  • Check that the address is properly typed.

See an example below:


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