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Housing victims of a natural disaster

Investment Plan:

  • Financing of three interest months.
  • Financing of appraisal and work monitoring (in the event that customer requests it).
  • House purchase.
  • Purchase of land and house construction.                                       
  • House construction in land owned by customer.
  • House repair, extension and improvements.
  • Payment of mortgages related to house affected by disaster provided that mortgage cancellation is not covered by insurance due to other than debtor fault.

Addressed to:

Costa Rican persons who enjoy a pension granted by CCSS, Tax Ministry, Magisterio Nacional (Teacher’s Institution) and other regime acknowledge in the country and pension deposit is made in BCR accounts, with historical payment behavior in the Sistema Banca para el Desarrollo (CPH-SBD) level 1 and 2 according to SUGEF Agreement 15-16.

Main Features of the Loan:



Maximum Financing %

Up to  90%


Minimum amount to fund:

Equal to $1.000

Maximum amount to fund:

Varies depending on payment capacity and warranty

Note:  house could not value more than $100.000.




Note: collateral shall not be declared inhabitable or be located within an inhabitable area by the NCE; additionally, Bank shall verify through technical mechanisms that collateral shall not show any predictable or repetitive threat of the event which caused disaster.


Loan Term:

Up to  30 years


Formalization: 0.5% over loan amount.

In advance payment of 3% for loans higher than $10.000.00; effective during first eight years.

Interest Rate:

Fixed amount for 8 years, from 1st month to 96th at 8%

For left amount of years: TBP + 3%

Way of payment:

In advance payment of interests for three months (funded)

Grace period for three months

Monthly installments, variable, consecutive, allocated to capital and interests due. 


As applicable as per loan administrative provisions and each collateral offered.

Unemployment Insurance for salary earners who meet conditions as permanent employee, co-owner employee or employee for definite period.



Other conditions:

  • It also applies for individuals of layer 6: gross family income per month less or equal to six times the effective minimum salary of a worker non-specialized of construction industry.
  • Owner of checking or savings account.
  • Affiliated to Bancatel and Bancobcr.com.
  • Loan payment through automatic charge.
  • At least two utilities automatic charges.

Whenever financing construction and guarantee covers 100%, please submit:

  • Maps, drawings, permit and budget to know construction work and proof that customer is committed to project.
  • Once construction works are done, customer shall pay thirty six ($36) for expert inspection.

The applicants of such loan shall be duly identified and certified as victims of disasters through an emergency statement by one of the following institutions:

  • National Commission on Risk Prevention and Attention to Emergencies.
  • Ministry of Housing and Human Establishment (MIVAH).

For Foreigners:

Permanent Resident – Free of condition

  • Submission of residence card copy with name and signature of officer where certifies he reviewed original document.
  • Upon amount and age, requirements are the same as for Costa Rican citizens (review chart of insurance capability requirements).


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Interest Rate Liability Disclaimer

Interest rates are object to change at any time without previous notice due to financial market changes.  For such a reason, information included in current web site is for reference purposes only.  Any rate related to a specific transaction or business, shall be the effective rate as of formalization date.

For further information regarding interest rates, please call Customer Service Department at (506) 2211-1111 or write to CentroAsistenciaBCR@bancobcr.com


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