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Security Phrase

Security phrase is an additional mechanism which offers its customers to avoid accessing false sites and become victims of fraud.

It is a message written by the customer which helps in confirming site identity and make sure that it belongs to BCR.

¿What are the steps to create a Security Phrase?

Once customer is inside the site, go to Security menu, and at Security Phrase, write your phrase.


  • Phrase is confidential and optional
  • It will be there every time customer accesses BancoBCR Individuals page.
  • Customer does not need to know it by memory but he must recognize it.
  • Phrases can be changed at any time.
  • Phrase may contain upper, lower case, numbers or special characters.
  • Customer must handle an active security device (printed card, virtual or digital certificate).

System log in

When accessing virtual branch, system will display a welcome message with your name and last name.  In the event customer has a Security Phrase, it shall pop up immediately after welcoming message; if not phrase has been recorded, only welcoming message shall be displayed.

We invite you to use such new alternative which was created for your security.


For further information, please call 2211-1111 Customer Assistance Center (24 hours).

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