BCR Card Sales


General Board of Directors


Shirley González Mora


Adriana Céspedes Camacho


Maryleana Méndez Jiménez


Mahity Flores Flores


Javier Herrera Guido


Néstor Solís Bonilla


Julio César Espinoza Rodríguez


Executive Steering Committee

General Manager

Douglas Soto Leitón a.i.

Personal Banking Assistant Manager a.i.

Renán Murillo Pizarro a.i.

Corporate Banking Assistant Manager a.i.

Álvaro Camacho de la O a.i.

Finance Corporate Manager

Rossy Durán Monge a.i.

Credit Corporate Manager

Álvaro Vindas Garita a.i.

Operations Corporate Manager

Mynor Hernández Hernández a.i.

Human Capital Corporate Manager

Nelson Marín Campos

Corporate Technology Manager

Johnny Chavarría Cerdas a.i.

Corporate Counselor

Manfred Sáenz Montero

Risk and Regulatory Control Manager

Minor Morales Vicenti


Other Participants at Board of Directors

BCR Valores Puesto de Bolsa Manager

Vanessa Olivares Bonilla

BCR SAFI Manager

Rosnnie Díaz Méndez a.i.

BCR Seguros Manager

David Brenes Ramírez a.i.

BCR Pensiones Manager

Mauricio Rojas Díaz


Corporate Audit

Corporate Auditor

José M. Rodríguez Guzmán

Corporate Assistant Auditor

Rafael Mendoza Marchena


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